Agencies – WhatsApp and Waze have joined the 3D Touch bandwagon with new versions that are being rolled to iOS users, Softpedia reports.
The versions that are available for iOS users are 2.12.11 for WhatsApp Messenger and 4.0.1 for Waze.
Sources say that WhatsApp, which continues to be the leading messaging app on mobile platforms across the globe, has received 3D Touch support to let you peek and pop conversations.
Additionally, links that you share or receive support a rich preview on iPhone 6s and 6s Plus while the settings menu has been redesigned completely to provide a cleaner and modern look. There are new icons and a couple of new options, including the possibility of seeing all starred messages across all your chats in Settings > Starred Messages.
Surprisingly, Waze for iOS is already at version 4.0.1 (the 4.0 release brought a major UI overhaul and some new options) while the Android flavor is still at, given the fact that the app is owned by Google, the very same company that makes the mobile OS.
But leaving these aside, Waze 4.0.1 brings support for 3D Touch on iOS, and you can force-press the Waze icon to quickly navigate to home, to work, search address, or send your location to a friend.
The change log also mentions some enhancements that are there since version 4.0, such as significant battery improvements, a new ETA panel, a cleaner look for the map, and a redesigned visual reporting menu.
Overall, both apps are clearly must-haves for those on iOS, especially if they own an iPhone 6s or a 6s Plus, which are currently the only models featuring 3D Touch.
Developers are rapidly adopting Apple’s new technology. So, more such updates are expected to land soon.


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