Arab News – The Ministry of Labor will launch on Tuesday an e-services website for enterprises on in order to enable owners and their representatives to create accounts with the ministry to execute a number of online services.
Services which can be handled through the ministry’s portal are issuing and renewing work permits for expatriates, changing professions, transferring workers’ services between the facility’s branches or transferring workers to other facilities as well as changing the facility’s activity.
The website has been configured with the latest electronic technology that allows the user to easily take advantage of the ministry’s services and also aims at mass recruitment for enterprises and companies, getting new visas, evaluating facilities by their owners, learning about their scope and their affiliated entities, and recording their needs for Saudi cadres.
The services also enable the owner or his representative of granting commissioners and agents the powers of the second level of services.
It also displays services that do not require a login to the portal for the user, and supports all famous browsers and mobile devices. The portal’s layout changes automatically according to the user’s screen space.
The website also allows the user to display his facility’s Nitaqat color, which provides him the means to verify the range rapidly once he logs into the portal.
The portal also allows the user to divide the services in a form of groups that enable him to quickly access the required service, as well as providing a better way to view and describe services and instructions for ministry services.
In addition, the portal offers an easy way to access the ministry’s other services, such as the ministry’s Nitaqat website, and a means to search between facilities for users that represent more than one facility, as well as a quick access to all information relating to the facility.


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