Agencies –  The United States and its allies targeted Daesh with 12 strikes in Iraq and 11 in Syria, the US military said.
British bombers also made their second round of strikes on Daesh targets in Syria late on Friday, again hitting oil fields, British Defense Minister Michael Fallon said on Saturday.
“Last night we saw the Typhoons in action for the first time, successfully hitting an oil field, oil well heads in eastern Syria out in the Omar field,” Fallon told Sky News.
British lawmakers approved the bombing of Daesh targets in Syria on Thursday. Hours after that approval, British bombers struck the oilfields that the government says are being used to fund attacks on the West.
The Typhoon fighter bombers had only arrived at Britain’s airbase in Akrotiri, Cyprus on Thursday, bolstering its strike force of Tornado warplanes.
Fallon was speaking during a visit to the British airbase in Cyprus.

700 Tunisian women joined militant groups

Tunisian Minister for Women Samira Merai told Parliament that around 700 women from her country have traveled to Syria to join militant groups.
Some 5,000 people from Tunisia, which is battling an insurgency at home, are thought to have joined the ranks of Daesh, and other groups, in Syria, Iraq and Libya.
“We have noted a development in the phenomenon of terrorism,” Merai said. “Today there are 700 (Tunisian) women in Syria and women in Tunisian prisons” on terrorism charges.
She did not elaborate on what they were doing there, but said Prime Minister Habib Essid had called on several ministers “to present a battle plan against terrorism, each in his own area.”


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