Arab News – The Technical and Vocational Training (TVTC) has disclosed that more than 11,000 prisoners are now undergoing technical training in 36 training workshops in prisons across the Kingdom.
TVTC is planning to expand the program based on a current study. It is part of the organization’s efforts to train citizens behind bars to become an active and productive member of society when they return to their community.
Prisoners have requested the creation of factories attached to prisons for easy access and actual training, indicating that about 82 percent of the trainees have never attended any training program before.
The expansion will cover maintenance of mobile phones and electronic devices, printing for men, desktops, network applications, and programming for women.
The inclusion of these disciplines comes in response to the request of the prisoners and to meet with the needs of the labor sectors, the spokesman said.
“Some of them need further professional training outside, for those who spend a short period in the jail, and those who stay longer need practical training under prison administration,” the study said.
Such moves will increase the confidence of the trainees themselves and will benefit them morally as well as secure them financial gain. The study also revealed the high rate of behavioral changes in the prisoners after joining vocational training and most of those freed among them feel very positive after gaining skills.
Some prisoners have also called for programs such as “success story” for graduates of vocational training and open meetings with the trainees in order to raise their morals.
Indicative qualitative program to help them choose the specialization before the start of the program and related professional guidance services to choose their interest at the beginning of the process were also among their requests.


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