Arab News – The State-owned Technical and Vocational Training Corporation (TVTC) has disclosed some of its reforms undertaken by its new Gov. Ahmed Al-Fuhaid that include a full course to identify trainees’ vocational interest.
The trainees will be given relevant disciplines by the end of the semester, according to the test results that would meet their own preference field.
The governor also received input from media representatives who stressed the importance of re-drafting TVTC’s way of dealing with the media. They wanted the constitution of a management committee with sufficient skill and experience to change the media status quo.
According to a report, TVTC media personnel in the past have not been paying attention to its key role in addressing importance of issues that are of interest to the organization. They do not take into account the right of the public to know its future program concerning some of the technical colleges or future steps to be implemented.
Meanwhile, the TVTC announced Sunday the acceptance of more than 16,000 trainees (male and female) in its technical training colleges scattered across the Kingdom for the second training class this year.
According to the spokesman, Fahd Al-Otaibi, only 16,320 applicants out of the total 35,447 were admitted based on the availability of seats.
He said that their admission depends on the capacity and training program in every class, stressing that in the next semester they could accommodate the rest of the applicants, depending again on capacity.
Al-Otaibi continued: “The admitted trainees will undergo preparatory class through which the colleges conduct guidance and professional orientation to identify their technical orientation before choosing a course.
For the undergraduate program, 394 have applied online, of which 242 were admitted to training programs at technical colleges and communications colleges in various region to join the first batch of 599 trainees bringing the total number to 841.


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