Arab News – The Education Ministry has announced the distribution of thousands of schoolbooks to boys and girls in Riyadh.
Mohammed Al-Morshed, director general of education in Riyadh, said the distribution of schoolbooks began last month. He said that schoolbooks would also be provided to students of special education schools.
He said the educational committee has formed social media accounts in order to facilitate communication and provide services and information about school curricula, adding that a procedural guide for the curriculum has also been prepared with the participation of relevant authorities.
Meanwhile, the Education Ministry announced recently the names of 36 male and female candidates for the Saudi landmarks competition.
Mohammed Al-Harthy, a senior official at the ministry, said the competition focuses on historic and modern landmarks, Haj and Umrah sites and future milestones (Vision 2030).
“The competition aims to promote the concept of citizenship and identity of Saudi Arabia and its Islamic identify, as well as guiding the creative energies and motivating students to learn through entertainment,” he said.
He said that male and female candidates will join the training camp for three days, so that they can benefit from the material presented to them from the relevant committees. Voting will open from Dul Hijjah 25 to Muharram 4, 1438 AH, after which winners of the competition will be announced.
He said the competition has already received considerable attention with more than 700,000 visitors to the website so far.


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