Arab News – The Kingdom is experiencing extremely hot weather conditions.
According to a report from the Presidency of Meteorology and Environment (PME), Central Province, Jeddah, Makkah and Madinah, experienced “extremely hot weather with surface winds and dust.”
In some cities, visibility was poor, the report said.
In Qassim, Christopher M. Agustin, quality control team leader at a pharmaceutical firm, said: “Tuesday was one of the hottest days I have experienced while working in the Kingdom. Even at night, the temperature hovers between 35 and 38°C.”
In Riyadh, residents were also uneasy.
Cesar A. Mabala, brand manager for a fashion house, said: “The weather is so hot. The heat is like a gadfly that hounds me as I rush from one branch to another for inspection.”
Jeddah residents also complained about the weather which hit 43°C.
Hussein Nassrallah, media consultant at a PR company, said: “The weather is very hot indeed. I wish it were milder, especially at night so that I could take the children to the park.”
In Madinah, residents were also complaining about the heat. Mohammed Al-Hardi, an accountant, said that “the heat is just too much.” “The kids want to hasten the passage of time for the night to come so that they can go to the park nearby and play,” he said.
In Makkah, the temperature was 41°C and it was expected to intensify at 43°C in the afternoon and go down to 38°C in the evening.
The southern and western parts of the country experienced partly cloudy skies, while the eastern parts were likely to be cloudy.
Thunderstorms were also likely in the highlands between Madinah and Tabuk and southern part of the Eastern Province and Riyadh.


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