Arab News – Millions of citizens have joined Education Minister Azzam Al-Dakheel in offering condolences and prayers for the Holy Qur’an teacher who took his last breath while teaching students in the classroom.
“Teaching is not just a job. Rather, teachers carry and spread a great message with upmost honesty and trust … rest in peace our colleague,” the minister tweeted.
Fahad Al-Hajji passed away at Hisham bin Hakeem Elementary School in Riyadh.
Another teacher at the school, who taught across the hall, says Al-Hajji was always committed to performing his duties as a teacher and was loved by all. During the lesson, Al-Hajji began feeling breathlessness and asked a student to call upon the school principal, repeatedly saying: “I’m very tired.” Before he could reach the hospital, Al-Hajji recited the shahadah and breathed his last.
“He was one of the best teachers professionally, morally, and spiritually, and thus deserves all our prayers,” said his colleague Yousef Al-Shaeie.


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