Arab News – The Saudi Communications and Information Technology Commission has received 68,000 complaints from citizens and residents against telecommunication service providers since the beginning of this year.
The majority of complaints were regarding poor service, billing problems, disturbance during phone calls and lack of services in some cities, local media has reported while referring to the commission’s website.
The commission said 95 percent of all complaints were successfully addressed, whereas the number complaints received account for only 0.8 percent of the total telecommunications service subscribers.
Last year, 31,000 complaints were received, 97 percent of which were addressed and resolved.
A total of 53.1 million people subscribed to mobile telecommunications services in the Kingdom by the end of the first half of 2015, with 86.2 percent of them opting for pre-paid service plans.
As for landline services, subscriptions amounted to 3.74 million lines by mid-2015, including 2.62 million residential land lines and 1.2 million commercial lines.
The commission announced it has begun preparing a user protection manual for telecommunications customers, which aims to protect the rights of users and beneficiaries. The document comes in response to a comprehensive study and analysis into the causes of repeated service complaints from customers.
Customers will ensure their rights and benefits are protected while dealing with numerous services, including subscribing or canceling a service, billing, roaming, and using Internet packages.
In 2004, the commission had established a committee for the adjudication of violations of telecommunication companies offering mobile and landline phone services and organization services for subscribes, putting in place fines of up to SR6 million.


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