Arab News – The Saudi Red Crescent Authority (SRCA) aircraft have set two new world records in responding quickly to incidents and emergencies.
Services provided by SRCA aircraft are not limited to air surveillance and response to incidents, but include speedy airlifting of patients in critical cases to hospitals, said Osman Al-Maswaie, director general of SRCA aircraft unit in Makkah.
“SRCA’s aircraft set two new world records in quick response to incidents, saving two pilgrims from certain death,” he said.
“SRCA’s aircraft airlifted a patient suffering from stroke to Al-Noor Hospital 25 minutes after being notified. Another patient suffering from a serious heart problem was transported to King Abdullah Medical City in 42 minutes,” said Al-Maswaie, noting that these are considered new world records.
He also pointed out that the Day of Arafat was a big challenge for pilots due to the limited airspace and the participation of several departments in the organizational process to monitor the movement of pilgrims.
“This put more burdens on the pilots as every aircraft needed specific heights, representing a challenge to the pilots,” he said.


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