Arab News – Thanks to the backing of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Naif, 13 purpose-built bomb disposal vehicles for use by Special Emergency Forces (SEF) in dealing with explosive materials are now in use.
The announcement was made by SEF Commander Brig. Gen. Khaled Al-Harbi.
He said this had been done because of the international security situation and the desire of the Saudi leadership to give SEF the necessary equipment to carry out its role and guarantee the safety of its officers and all members of society. Other countries’ special forces also use the latest technology.
He said the latest technologies would be supported by specialized training to familiarize users with the technology. He said that initially staff would be trained in the country where the equipment was manufactured and later in the Kingdom. The aim is to give all personnel a range of experience with the equipment.
Al-Harbi previously attended the graduation of training sessions divided into four, inside the Kingdom and outside it. They were attended by his deputy, Brig. Hamed Al-Tuwairqi, and a number of SEF commanders. These included sessions to disable and remove explosives held first in Britain and then later at the SEF headquarters in Riyadh.
Al-Harbi also announced the promotion of 4,210 officers. He extended his appreciation to the director of financial and administrative affairs and the directorate’s employees for their follow-up and supervision of the promotion procedures.


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