Arab News –  The Social Affairs offices in the Eastern Province hosted, over the past year, 7,435 workers, including 878 in the follow-up office in Al-Ahsa, a statistical report has revealed.
These workers are hosted until their deportation after they leave their jobs or are sacked by their employers and have nowhere to go.
Abdullatif Al-Naeem, director of the social affairs office in Dammam, said: “The office hosts domestic workers referred by Dammam, Alkhobar, Qatif, Jubail and Hafr Al-Batin, under a police report either by the sponsor, his agent or the police, along with the domestic workers referred by the airport management.”
Al-Naeem said there are three conditions for hosting the workers, namely a police report that proves the absence of any physical or sexual abuse, no criminal cases against them, and they are free of diseases. He said the sponsor is required to submit a medical report if there is any suspicion in the worker’s mental health.
Nabila Al-Zahrani, chairperson of the women’s division of the office, said: “The office provides safe dormitories for workers according to their nationalities, in addition to appropriate food and drink, personal hygiene tools, health care, and clothes.”


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