Arab News – A specialized neurosurgical team at King Fahd General Hospital in Jeddah has succeeded in saving the life of a child by removing a pair of scissors that were embedded in the frontal lobe of his brain.
The medical team worked through an incision at the child’s hairline to remove the scissors, enabling them to maintain the aesthetic shape of the head once the operation was completed.
The media office at the hospital noted that the operation took three hours and was one of the most complicated surgeries because of the extreme sensitivity of the area around the brain. The office said that the health condition of the patient is now stable, and confirmed that he underwent a CT scan to make sure the procedure was entirely successful.
Dr. Ahmed Ismail Zaki, anesthetist at the hospital, said that the injured child fell while holding the pair of scissors, causing them to become lodged in his brain.
“The child was immediately admitted to the operation theater and underwent all necessary tests before the surgery was initiated. The bones of the skull were opened and the medical team successfully removed the scissors”, said Dr. Ahmed Ismail.


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