Arab News –  The Ministry of Civil Service admitted that it has failed in replacing expatriates by Saudis in various organs of the state.
It complained that government agencies were not cooperating with it in Saudiazation in some of the jobs occupied by non-Saudis, including universities, institutions and general authorities where the ministry does not have power over recruitment, according to an online newspaper.
The ministry also complained about the difficulties in getting comprehensive data of non-Saudis working in some of the organizations.
It has said that their total number is more than 70,000.
The report has highlighted that some government agencies were “playing games.” They don’t employ a citizen who deserves the job, saying they need the expatriate working on contract, and the person cannot be transferred to another job. Some of these agencies even prefer an expatriate, and they encourage them to apply for the position, if vacant.
The Ministry of Civil Service has demanded that a mechanism be developed to make it mandatory for government organizations to
abide by the agreement between the ministry and these organizations for the Saudization plan implementing a royal order of Rabi Al-Thani 1434H. The ministry has said that government organizations should be electronically linked with it so that all jobs occupied by expatriates should be covered and exact data made available.


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