Arab News – It never occurred to Naif Al-Khathran that when he went to study political science in the United States he would end up part of an action team in the most important election worldwide, specifically part of the Hillary Clinton campaign.
Speaking to an online publication, Al-Khathran said about his passion for politics: “I started by establishing a student club in Miami, and worked with many social initiatives under the umbrella of the university where I am studying.”
He said the club helped him to form a full understanding of all the issues and problems that face American communities. He also worked with an international amnesty organization this year.
The idea to join the Clinton campaign came when he knew that every four years there are presidential elections held in the country, and circumstances helped him join the election team.
Al-Khathran was eager to study politics in America and wants to understand everything in American society which prompted him to look for a new adventure. “I wanted so much to participate in the American elections to further understand the political system. So I joined the election campaign for Hilary Clinton and communicated with a number of political figures.”
He submitted his résumé and they interviewed him three times in three months before being accepted as a worker at the Miami office.
“There are 15 volunteers working with me, including students and workers in different work fields, and they all work under my supervision. I send them to certain locations to register voters, or make phone calls or even knock on doors to bring as many voters to the Clinton campaign as possible,” he explained.
Speaking on the possible odds for the candidates in Florida, Al-Khathran said: “This state in particular is divided, the north to the Republicans and the south for the Democrats. Yet nobody knows what the results will ultimately be.”
The student entered the world of politics through its widest doors by participating in the presidential elections of a country that already leads in global decision making. He said he will come back to his country to contribute to raising awareness among the Saudi people to confront the negative campaigns raged against Saudi Arabia.
“When I finish my studies I will use the full knowledge and experience I gained to serve my country, Saudi Arabia, at the domestic and international levels,” he concluded.


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