Religious police announced today the results of the investigation with the members of religious policemen after they appeared in the video clip published on youtube physical attack on a British man and his Saudi wife.
The investigative found the four Religious policemen are guilty, the fact that members had diligence wrong and contrary to regulations, instructions and the issue is not their specialty, and they enter in a battle with someone Briton was accompanied by his wife in one of the sites in the city of Riyadh .
The Religious Police Chairman Dr. Abdullatif Al Al Shaikh make a set of sanctions against the members, the will lose their career in Riyadh and they have to work in a far places outside Riyadh region.
The General Presidency of Religious Police said: we apologize to the British resident and his wife for what happened to them from the members, and what they did is individual act expressing who make it, which was violating regulations and instructions, and does not represent the General Presidency of Religious Police for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice and its employees who comply directives and instructions.


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