Arab News – The visitor cards issued by Saudi Arabia to Yemenis cannot be converted into permanent residency cards and the rumors about this are false, a leader of the Yemeni community in Jazan has said.
“The issue is still under consideration and study by the officials of the two countries. The Kingdom is very keen on completing the coordination issues to grant visitors permanent residency cards,” Abdu bin Mohammed Al-Shoukhi was quoted as saying by local media on Saturday.
Meanwhile, the Saudi Ministry of Interior is still in the process of renewing the visitor identity cards for Yemenis by six months — from 14th to 23rd Rabiul Awwal — with a fee of SR100.
“The user must log in to his personal account on Absher and type ‘visitor identity.’ The card will be printed and delivered to the concerned user through Saudi Post. There is no need to visit the passport department. In case the user has no postal address and has not registered his address on Wasel, a link will appear for him to register his address on Absher to receive the card,” said Al-Shoukhi.
If a person fails to renew the visitor identity during the specified period, a fine of SR400 will be incurred, in addition to the renewal fee of SR100, he said.
Al-Shoukhi confirmed the lawful rights of Yemenis holding visitor cards to replace the host and change information by bringing another host to the Passport Department in his region.
“We have received many complaints from residents who wish to change the host for various reasons. After coordination with the Saudi authorities, we obtained the approvals required in this regard,” he added.


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