Arab News –  Citizens and residents have been advised to keep a distance of 20 km from all unprotected boundaries of the Kingdom.
Spokesman of the General Directorate of Border Guard Sahir bin Mohammed Al-Harbi said that the authorities have displayed warning signals in all areas that are likely to be crossed by vehicles. The areas are Hafr Al-Batin and Khafji in the Eastern Province, the entire norther borders covering Rafha, New Arar, Al-Jouf, Al-Essawi and Hadeed and in Tabuk, Ammar and Al-Wakal.
The spokesman said trespassers will be liable for a jail term of up to 30 months and a fine of SR25,000.
Three days ago, the Saudi Border Guards foiled an attempt by Yemenis to smuggle by boat 274 kg of hashish into the Kingdom.
The smugglers were heading to a site on the Red Sea coast on Saturday when a Jeddah-based patrol vessel stopped them, Al-Harbi said.
“The passengers threw a number of bags overboard after they were surrounded. Four people were arrested,” he said, adding that a Yemeni who was waiting for them on the coast was also arrested.
Officers recovered the bags, which allegedly contained the hashish.
The Interior Ministry announced Sunday that Saudi anti-drug officers seized almost 30 tons of hashish, along with nearly as much heroin and millions of amphetamine pills, during the last Hijri year which ended in mid-October.
In August and September alone, police say they arrested 177 Saudis and 290 others suspected of smuggling drugs and weapons.


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