Arab News –  A recent study released by Naif Arab University for Security Sciences revealed that 20 percent of house fires in the Kingdom are of unknown causes.
According to official figures released by the General Directorate of
Civil Defense, unknown causes are the second highest cause for house fires, while electrical incidents topped the list of causes, inflecting losses worth more than SR189 million annually.
The study conducted by researcher Abdullah Al-Subaiei recommended putting in place policies and mechanisms to educate people on the causes of fire, thus closing the gap on this ignorance about fires in general, and to develop precautionary measures to avoid their occurrence.
The study indicated that apartments are the most vulnerable to fires. Makkah, in this regard, ranked first with 8,790 fires, followed by the Eastern Province with 3,085.
Popular houses in terms of lodgings came second in house fires with 7,958, where Makkah recorded the highest proportion with 2,999 fires. The total number of house fires in the Kingdom during the last 10 years stood at193,437.
The study showed that Makkah, Riyadh and Eastern Province recorded the highest number of house fires compared with other accidents in general.
The Hijri year 1430 recorded the highest rate of fires across the Kingdom with 13.2 percent, while the year 1432 recorded the lowest rate with 6.2 percent. Jamada Al-Thani of the same year, 1432, recorded the highest rate of house fires with 9.5 percent while Dul Hijjah recorded the lowest rate in this regard with 7.1 percent.
The study recommended establishing an integrated database for all regions and provinces of the Kingdom containing information on fires and the population, and to coordinate with the competent bodies to work jointly and provide advice and consultations.
In addition, the study recommended employing statistical sciences for the best security planning for fires and to predict occurrences, and to develop relevant teams to conduct research on the unknown causes of fires, and launch awareness campaigns on the hazards of electric short circuits and its link with fire occurrences.


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