Saudi Gazette – One person died in Rimah, northeast of Riyadh, and 72 stranded motorists were rescued in the region, the Civil Defense announced on Wednesday.

About 10 cars were submerged under about two meters of water in a motorway underpass in the Laban district on the capital’s western outskirts.

The Saudi Press Agency said the rains also struck the city of Buraidah, some 320 kilometers northwest of Riyadh, as well as the surrounding Qasim province.

Rain in Buraidah, the capital of Qasim province, inundated five houses. Their tenants were provided accommodation in furnished apartments. Some trees were uprooted and signboards collapsed. Several major streets were closed to traffic. About 15 vehicles were stranded in pools of water.

The Ministry of Education announced that classes in general education schools were suspended on Wednesday in Riyadh, and the governorates of Rumah, Thadiq, Huraimla, Al-Diriyah, Al-Uyaynah, Dhruma and Al-Muzahimiyah due to the weather conditions.

The security authorities closed Al-Hada mountain road on Tuesday night as a precautionary measure due to thick fog and lack of visibility. There was light rainfall in the area. There were no rock slides. Taif city had light rainfall on Tuesday.
Heavy rain lashed Al-Khurmah governorate and its vicinity.

There was moderate rain on Tuesday along the western coast of northern Jeddah, in Dhahban, Thuwwal, Saabar, Al-Qudhaimah up to parts of Rabigh governorate.  Students were allowed to go home before the end of the school day.

In Khulais, the College of Arts allowed the students to leave after light rain. Dr. Faisal Bin Mishal Bin Saud, Emir of Qasim Province, asked officials in the province to continue work in the rain-affected areas. Rain continued to lash the region since Monday afternoon. This has been the heaviest rain in the province in the last five years.


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