Saudi Gazette – Do you have a query regarding labor issues or want to lodge a complaint? Now you can get directly in touch with senior Labor Ministry officials and even the minister through video call.

The Ministry of Labor has launched the video call service for faster redressal of grievances, according to a source. “The ministry often receives inquiries from employers, employees and jobseekers. The ministry has a team of technical staff ready to answer the questions it receives via mail or email. However, in order to further expedite the process, the ministry launched its new video call service,” said the source.

“The minister has agreed to dedicate some of his time to take calls from employers, employees and jobseekers. The service will revolutionize communication between the ministry and the labor sector in the Kingdom,” said the source.

Callers can be from anywhere in the Kingdom.

“Earlier, inquiries had to be sent to Riyadh if they were from outside the city. An appointment with the minister had to sought in advance. The process was lengthy and tiresome,” said the source.

The source also said the service will not only be beneficial for the clients but also for the ministry and its data.

“Now we can have all of the interactions between the ministry and the clients documented. With the amount of data we will gather, we will be able to gather more accurate results and offer better services,” said the source.

He said people can contact the ministry either through its website or following the ministry’s Twitter account @mol_care or calling 19911.


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