Arab News – A three-year training program has been launched for productive families in Mahayel, Asir, to help improve the quality of their products.
Mahayel Mayor Mohammed bin Saud Al-Mathami made the announcement, and said it would be implemented by Fatima Al-Zamil, the first initiator of exhibitions for productive families. It would target 150 families, or 50 households every year for three years.
Al-Mathami said that Al-Zamil would start the first part of the program by hosting an exhibition as part of the Mahayel Adfa festival. He said the purpose is to develop quality products.
He said these families have worked hard to ensure that training is provided to improve their products, and were determined to reduce their dependence on social security and become financially independent.
Al-Zamil said that she has already held an introductory meeting with more than 70 productive families in Mahayel. “I also met with government directors whose departments support productive families. They are all on board.”
She said the Mahayel mayoralty has responded to her request to have a training venue for the workshops that will take place for six hours a day over 12 days; and said plans are being developed to replicate the program throughout the country.
The program will be held in cooperation with Muhammad Al-Umrah, the director general of the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage in Asir, who said that the plan is to ensure better financial returns for these families from their businesses.


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