Saudi Gazette – The Traffic Department has announced that it will penalize motorists for decorating, accessorizing or making any changes to their vehicles in celebration of the 86th National Day, Makkah Arabic newspaper reported on Wednesday.

A source said the department warned all motorists — Saudis and non-Saudis — against painting their vehicles green, sticking a poster of the King or sticking banners in celebration of the National Day.

Violation of these regulations will result in confiscation of vehicle, suspension of driver’s license, a fine of minimum SR300 and maximum SR500. Violation points will also be added to motorist’s record, said the source.

Any modification to a vehicle’s exterior requires permission. Therefore, accessorizing a vehicle for the National Day without permission is a violation. There will be no exceptions to the rule. Modifications on the exterior include the front, ceiling, trunk, doors and windows of a vehicle, said the source.

The Traffic Department asserted that it will not be lenient in applying the penalties. It will have field inspectors monitoring the road on the National Day.

“Motorists gathering on a certain spot and blocking the road will be penalized. Any disturbance or hindrance to traffic flow is considered a violation, and motorists involved will be penalized,” said the source.

The department urged the general public to report any violations. “The general public is our ally. We serve the general public and work for their safety. But we need their help and cooperation as well.

The general public can call the Traffic Department to report a violation or report it through the mobile application of the department,” said the source.


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