Saudi Gazette – Slaughterhouses in Jeddah have received 63,307 sheep that were slaughtered during the four-day Eid celebration. The average of sheep slaughtered is 650 per hour. The sheep were distributed among five fixed slaughterhouses and two others, which were portable.

‎‏The main slaughterhouse in Jeddah recorded 21,350 Udhiyas (sacrificial meat) while Al-Khumra slaughterhouse received 15,871 sheep, 11,480 in Al-Sabil, 10,580 in Al-Nuzha, 1,165 in Hira, 2,861 in Al-Jamaa and Al-Hamadaniya which were mobile slaughterhouses.

‎‏The municipality noted in a statement that it had prepared the slaughterhouses for the buyers and added that it had provided air-conditioned camps and waiting areas. It had also prepared the locations for slaughtering the sheep, managed the farmyards and ensured that the sheep displayed are safe and in good health.

The municipality had announced that it would combat the haphazard slaughtering of sheep in the city before the start of Haj. The municipality also set up checkpoints to insure that no Udhiyas are being moved from Makkah to Jeddah during Haj. These checkpoints have documented 776 rotten Udhiyas, 526 of which were documented at the southern Jeddah while the rest in Butaiman. The municipality also reported stopping 96 vehicles that were used to carry these unauthorized Udhiyas.


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