Arab News – Members of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) have said there is no violation of labor rights, or any practice against expatriate workers that can be called discrimination in member countries.
The GCC pointed out that it has made great progress in the field of regulation and protection of foreign workers and their rights.
Work is being done with the International Labor Organization (ILO) in the field of foreign labor management, technical assistance, and issuing new regulations to ensure the protection of wages.
A number of initiatives have been taken to raise the per capita income, making them a role model for many countries in the world.
These statements came during a joint speech of GCC countries, delivered on Thursday by Faisal Trad, Saudi ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva, at the Human Rights Council.
Trad detailed the achievements of GCC countries in this area in recent years. They include the enactment of legislation and laws for expatriate labor, and creation of national mechanisms to implement these laws. This is in addition to the ratification of international treaties that establish controls in the field of foreign labor, and the prohibition of any prejudice to laborers’ rights or any practice against them that may construe as discrimination.


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