Saudi Gazette – The Kingdom is witnessing a flurry of activity during the third round of municipal council elections with the participation of new segments of the society — young men and women, who have reached 18 years of age. The importance of the elections is stressed by the voluntary participation in the process to achieve progress and development.

The registered voters have an important role to play by selecting candidates who will represent them in the council, and members will take decisions that contribute to society, said a press statement released by the election committee.

The voters will elect two thirds of the municipal council members. While the elections will guarantee the citizen his right to participate in public affairs, participation by casting ballots alone will not be enough to achieve this. The election process is based on justice and integrity – the two most important elements in electing a candidate. The elections reflect the values, principles and morals of each individual in Saudi society. It tests the social and religious mettle of this society. Therefore, this uniqueness ought to have an impact on how the candidates are selected to represent society and to ensure continuation of work on the basis of justice and integrity.

It is the responsibility of the voters to shape of the future of municipal councils so that they will act positively to help the citizens.

Male and female voters should shoulder and safeguard the trust. People should desist from voting on the lines of race, gender, tribe or social status or with the aim of achieving personal benefits. The basic objective of voting is to uplift the nation and citizens.

The integrity of the whole election process is based on the integrity of the citizen by voting for the appropriate candidate. It is the first step for achieving good results and solve many development problems in society. This will ensure the legitimacy of the municipal council to represent all segments of society. It will contribute to making decisions that reflect and meet the aspirations and needs of these segments for a residential district with good services.

“Selecting candidates for municipal councils in this round of elections is a big responsibility. We ought to strive for neutrality, credibility and integrity,” said the statement.


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