AFP – Morocco said Wednesday it has broken up a “terrorist cell” linked to the Daesh terror group that authorities believe was planning attacks in the north of the country.
A statement from Rabat’s Interior Ministry said three suspects had been detained by police in the northern cities of Oujda, Casablanca and Fez.
The arrests “revealed several dangerous terrorist projects in advanced stages of preparation,” the statement said.
It added that the cell members were linked to Daesh supporters “active in Syria and Iraq.”
The ministry said the three had planned to attack “sensitive and crucial sites” in several cities.
“The cell’s chief rented a safe house near to the city of Oujda, which was reserved for lodging and the preparation and manufacture of remote-detonated explosives,” the statement added.
A raid on the property uncovered chemicals that the ministry said could have been used to make bombs.
Rabat says more than 150 “terrorist cells” have been busted since 2002, including dozens in the past three years with ties to radicals in Iraq and Syria.


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