Arab News – The Ministry of Education (MoE) is planning to launch and implement its strategic plan to improve educational output, efficiency and standards.
“The plan includes 13 goals, 30 programs and 342 initiatives,” said Saud Al-Abdullatif, director of planning and development management at the Department of Education in Riyadh.
He made the statement during a workshop, in which he discussed the role of teachers and schools in implementing MoE’s strategic plan.
He discussed the comprehensiveness of the next strategic plan, the launch of the goals and programs and the project according to a variety of measurable indicators to determine performance level.
Referring to the workshop, Al-Abdullatif said that it aims to identify the roles of departments in the implementation of the strategic plan and the steps to build the operational strategy.
He praised the efforts of the departments and offices of education and integration in achieving the goals and objectives of the ministry.
Al-Abdullatif explained Hamad bin Abdullah Al-Shiraibir, assistant director general at the Department of Education in the Saudi capital, the need to monitor future programs in accordance with the ministry’s strategic plan.
“Monitoring future programs will ensure that everything is followed to the letter to ensure achievement of desired goals,” he said.
He also stressed the importance of role integration among the officials and teachers concerned “in order to achieve envisioned and desired goals under the ministry’s strategic plan.”
Al-Abdullatif called on all departments and offices to select a coordinator in the implementation and said all the necessary support will be provided.
He also called on Fahd Al-Safiyah, assistant general manager for support services, to help expedite procedures.
The workshop was held in connection with the aim of providing a unified framework for roles of the education departments in implementing the plan.


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