Saudi Gazette – MOBILY, a leading provider of innovative communications services, has exceeded more than 6 million subscribers and followers across its social network platforms.

The company’s extensive profile on social media includes more than 2 million followers on Twitter and over 1.7 million fans on Facebook.

Mobily’s YouTube channel reached 300,000 subscribers, and is one of the biggest players on YouTube among global telecommunications companies.

Meanwhile, the company’s subscribers on Google+ has reached over 1.5 million. Through the use of social media channels, Mobily aims to reach users and customers to give them an enriched insight about its offers, products and services, and therefore change the customers impressions and behavior about Mobily’s brand.

This reflects the company’s maturation in customer relationship management and its keenness to communicate with customers.

The Executive General Manager of Corporate Communication and Public Relations at Mobily, Mohammed Al-Belwe, said: “Mobily is distinguished with its keenness to communicate with customers through social media to be closed to them.

For this reason, we are eager to provide a high-quality and interesting content for our users. It is this focus on excellence that makes Mobily extremely attractive to consumers”.

Al-Belwe added: “Creating a constant interaction with Mobily customers is a key pillar in our strategy, and we promise to continue building on our current offering to exceed their expectations.”

Mobily continues to have a strong presence on social media and announced that its Google+ following is among the highest in the telecommunication sector anywhere in the world.


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