Arab News – The Education Ministry has warned private schools against manipulating contract terms between them and parents. The ministry has obliged private schools to divide the school fees across the academic year and to follow a mechanism for recovering fees in case students move to another school, and to clarify the mode of payment and the instalments.

The warning was made after the Education Department received a number of complaints filed by parents regarding the manipulation of tuition fees by some schools.

The ministry urged the schools not to link students’ tuition fees of the first semester with the second.
Sources said the ministry received many complaints and there are disputes between schools and parents over school fees because of the ambiguity of the terms of the contracts signed between the two sides.
The ministry obliged private schools to clarify the amount of discounts, if they exist, and when such discounts are canceled, within in the provisions of the contracts, and to provide parents with copies of such contracts.
Schools shouldn’t collect additional fees on the pretext that the money will be allocated for extra-curricular books, uniforms, or for any other program schools provide during the morning period, it said, adding that any attempt on the part of private schools to raise fees without the approval of the ministry will constitute punishable violations.
The ministry directed 45 education departments across the Kingdom to take action against violators of the laws and regulations in this regard.
Parents have the right to complain and protest against tuition fees and increases made by some schools, other than the defined fees.
The grievance form to file a complaint by a parent should contain the name of the school, the kind of education provided by it and the reasons for the grievance. The assigned committee at the Education Department will consider the complaint.


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