Arab News –  Prince Sultan University students will launch an application on Dec. 9 for emergency medical services, which would link patients with ambulances.
The app would allow people to share their locations, determine the time for an ambulance to arrive, and a section to rate the service for efficiency, according to a statement issued by the university.
The launch will take place on the university women’s campus. Hundreds of students from Princess Nora, Prince Sultan, King Faisal, King Saud and other local universities are expected to attend.
The app is called Asafani in Arabic, and is an attempt to “augment the rapidly evolving medical care system. We must look at what we have learned in the past century and create a vision for the future of emergency medical services,” the statement stated.
The students had conducted a survey and found that many people had poor access to ambulances and other emergency services when they fell sick suddenly.


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