Saudi Gazette – Several expats have been arrested for threatening and blackmailing Saudi female employees of a commercial establishment in Jeddah.

Many staff members of the company run by three expatriates face harsh punishment for involvement in harassing, threatening, and violating the privacy and honor of a number of individuals.

Two of the expats are facing charges under anti-cyber crime and human trafficking laws, while others are accused of coordinating illegal gatherings.

Others are facing charges for threatening female Saudi employees and blackmailing them by threatening to publish their photographs on social media.

The Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice (Haia) received complaints from a number of female Saudi employees working at the company.

The complaints named the company director along with a number of supervisors.

Based on the evidence submitted by the women, the suspects were arrested and brought to the Bureau of Investigation and Prosecution.

The director of the company was charged with harassment, extortion, threatening the women with dismissal, and the threat of increased work hours if they did not comply with his demands.

One of the victims said that the director of the company tried several times to convince her to go out with him to an apartment to meet on a daily basis his friends, supervisors, and other women from outside the company.

One of the women submitted several WhatsApp messages sent to her mobile from the company’s director containing threatening language, demanding that she go out with him or face increased working hours.

The women also submitted several records and messages from supervisors working in the company arranging parties with alcohol.

One of the victims said she had been blackmailed and harassed from the beginning of her employment in the company.

She said she surrendered to the manager in light of her difficult economic conditions, who had sex with her and videotaped her with his mobile device.
The investigation ended with the prosecutor asking for the harshest punishment.


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