Arab News – Yemeni Foreign Minister Riad Yassin recently warned that Yemen may be on the brink of social collapse after recent insurgency acts, a local newspaper reported.
Yassin said that future Iranian attempts to interfere in the country might involve trying to “create a state inside another state,” and could force a situation similar to the model of Hezbollah in Lebanon.
Yassin also revealed that more than 1 million Yemeni nationals have sought refuge in Saudi Arabia since the Houthi coup.
“Yemenis feel that they are comfortable in the Kingdom, and that their dignity can be maintained here. Meanwhile, Europe has made a big buzz around the world for its inability to accommodate 150,000 Syrian refugees,” said the minister.
“Yemen, after the victory achieved in the Gold Arrow Operation and the progress toward regaining all of the governorates and provinces, will still have to consider seriously how to closely and strategically reconnect with the Gulf states. There must be some mechanisms put in place to link Yemen with its neighboring states. If Yemen is left to only dream about joining the Gulf Cooperation Council, it will suffer major political or economical problems, and could even go bankrupt,” he said.


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