Arab News – Education Minister Azzam Al-Dakhil has reiterated his commitment to widen the scope of Islamic education.
“We need to exert concerted efforts to review and discuss Islamic awareness which will help us in guiding our children onto the correct path for their emotional and intellectual development,” he said.
Al-Dakhil made the statement during a phone call to
the participants in the annual meeting on Islamic awareness in Yanbu.
He apologized for his inability to join them but expressed confidence in the supervisors of the program and their role in the achievement of the objectives of the meeting.
He said that “Islamic guidance of our children is of utmost importance since it will protect them from feelings of insecurity and deception.”
“From the working papers you have submitted, I could see your clear perception regarding the most important educational strategies to achieve self-confidence and the ability to exchange appreciation with others,” he said.
He also stressed the need to draw up a list of the ideas of the participants and their recommendations and their needs at the end of the meeting for implementation.
He expressed his hope that the meeting will yield meaningful results for Islamic education that would benefit and guide the youth.
The meeting was being held for the second day and the emphasis was on the importance of Islamic education in contemporary times.


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