Saudi Gazette – THE Kingdom’s 27 airports celebrated the occasion of the National Day this morning, in the presence of airport’s officials and representatives of government and private agencies working at various airports around the Kingdom.

The gates and entrances of the terminals have been decorated this morning with the green and white colors, the primary colors of the flag of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as well as photos of the Kingdom’s leadership. Thousands of gifts were presented to the traveling public bearing the name of the Kingdom in addition to the distribution of candy and chocolate. The counters were decorated with flags and balloons, loud speakers were broadcasting patriotic songs to mark the occasion.

At King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh, four marketing platforms has been set up a washed with the color green, a blood donation drive was set up in collaboration with King Abdul-Aziz Health City, in addition to other activities geared toward kids, all accompanied by the sound of patriotic songs. Gifts were distributed to all travelers, and a memorial wall was set up for travelers to sign and write a few words in a loving gesture for the nation.

At King Abdul-Aziz International Airport in Jeddah, more than one thousand gifts were distributed, gift bags containing slogan embedded (pens, cups, medallions, scarfs, caps and a drawing books for children). The gates of domestic and international terminals were covered in the colors of the flag, light poles were also decorated in the color of the national flag and photos of the King, crown prince and deputy crown prince with National Day 86 embedded on them and (vision 2030).

A large screen measuring 12 meters in diameters was installed with a film showcasing the history of the Kingdom and its major achievements. Also 1000 flower bouquets were distributed among travelers in south and north terminals, in addition to the distribution of 250 Kg of candy and chocolate.

At prince Mohammed bin Abdul-Aziz International Airport in Madinah, light poles were decorated in green lights, and the gates and entrance to the airport were decorated with painting and slogans reflecting the National Day theme. The duty free shop has been decorated with flags and the emblem of the Kingdom as well. The seventy-five metal palm trees were a washed in green lights in each of the entrance and the exit of the airport. Gifts, cupcakes, Saudi flags and national day emblems were distributed among travelers. A painter was hired to draw the emblem of the national day on children faces, commemorative photos and videos were taken.

At King Fahad International Airport in Dammam, nineteen events were performed starting at five in the afternoon and lasting till 11 o’clock in the evening. The airport main building and the terminal were all decorated and emblems celebrating the National Day were put on them. Billboards inside and outside the terminals were covered with phrases celebrating the national day. A huge box with ten thousand pieces of chocolate candies covered with the national day slogan and vision 2030 was distributed amongst travelers.


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