Saudi Gazette – Bodies of the victims of Jazan hospital fire were handed over to the bereaved families here on Monday.

Jazan Police spokesman Lt. Fahd Al-Khalid said the Health Affairs cooperated with the police to allow bereaved families to receive the dead bodies under strict supervision, Al-Madina reported.

“We began receiving families on Monday. About 90 percent of the bodies were picked up by their families in order to complete funeral arrangements. The police are still waiting for more families to pick up the bodies of their relatives,” said Al-Khalid.

He added the Health Affairs also offered transportation services to deliver the bodies to their funerals.

An Egyptian man said he came to the police to receive the body of his relative.

“I came with two other family members to receive the body of our relative. The Health Affairs also gave us the medical report of our relative stating the cause and location of death. The report states that our relative died in Jazan Hospital due to inhalation of lethal gases which caused the victim’s heart to stop beating,” he said.

He added all victims were given the same cause and location of death. A Yemeni man said he lost his wife in the fire. “I came to receive the body of my wife but they told I need to show documents proving I am related to her. I gavethem the required documents and they gave me my wife’s body,” he said.


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