Arab News – The parents of the five infants who died during one night this month in the pediatric intensive care unit at King Fahd Hospital in Baha has demanded that the Ministry of Health complete a probe into the incident.
This comes as a medical report purportedly issued by the Ministry of Health has revealed that three other babies died at the same hospital in September from an infection, but this was not revealed by the facility, according to an article in a local publication.
This brings to eight the number of babies who have died in two months. On the five deaths this month, a ministry spokesman has said the investigation is not complete and that the results would be announced in a press statement.
Abdulrahman Al-Ghamdi, the parent of one of the infants who died, said there should not be any attempt to delay the announcement to pacify the public and hope that people’s anger would subside.
“It is not rational or reasonable, or even by chance that five infants could die in one night in the same division. We demand the authorities announce the probe results and disclose the facts in accordance with the directives of the Baha governor and to hold accountable any person proven to have neglected his duty. We intend to assign a lawyer to follow up the case even after the results are announced,” he said.
Another parent, Mohammad Al-Ghamdi, said the investigating committee did not attempt to interview the parents about the matter and questioned how a probe can be complete without their input.
Al-Ghamdi said that he found it “unusual” that the hospital had been keen to send the bodies of the babies to their parents on the night they died. This is a development that must be taken into consideration by the investigators, he said.
Ali Al-Zahrani, another parent, said he went to the hospital and was told that the investigation had been completed with the committee members having left the region.
Lawyer Messfer Sultan Al-Ghamdi said the delay in announcing the results would affect the parents’ psychological wellbeing. He said it did not require all this time to complete the investigation.
“If the investigation determined that the deaths occurred by God’s will and there is no suspicion of criminal intent, then the parents should be sent copies of this determination.”
Parents can then object to the findings either through the region’s health commission or the courts if they are not satisfied, he added.


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