Agencies – Six civilians were killed and 16 were wounded when Houthi and Salah militias launched artillery shelling on residential neighborhoods in the Yemeni city of Taiz on Saturday.
The shelling targeted the neighborhoods of Esefrah, Edh-ha and Thaabat, as the militia continues its siege of all the key city outlets and prevented the entry of medical and relief supplies to civilians.
The shelling took place despite a verbal commitment for their leaders and delegates to provide safe passage for relief efforts.
The rebels have been besieging Taiz for months and have prevented the delivery of essential aid to the city for months.
According to AFP, military sources in Aden said Yemeni loyalists killed at least 20 Iran-backed rebels Saturday in a pushback against Houthis seeking to retake positions to the northeast of Sanaa.
“The Houthis (rebels) on Friday launched an offensive in the direction of Jabal Al-Salb in Nihm” district of Sanaa province, “but were repelled on Saturday morning,” a loyalist commander told AFP.
“At least 20 Houthis were killed” since Friday night, another military source said.
Last week, pro-government forces captured the Jabal Al-Salb area 40km outside Sanaa.
Forces loyal to President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi and the Saudi-led military coalition supporting them have sent troops, armored vehicles and tanks to reinforce the district.
Meanwhile, coalition fighter jets led dawn raids on rebel positions in Majzar area in neighboring Jawf province to the north, which is mostly under loyalist control, a spokesman for the pro-government Popular Resistance militia said.
Loyalist forces advanced in Ghayl area in the same province, around 20 km northeast of Majzar, Mohamed Al-Behaih added.
Air strikes also targeted rebel positions in Baqim and Kitaf areas in Saada province, the Houthis’ stronghold in northern Yemen, loyalist military sources said.
The rebels seized Sanaa last year and then advanced south to Aden.
Following territorial gains by loyalists, President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi returned to Aden in November after six months in exile.


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