Arab News – The Jazan hospital tragedy saw some heroic acts from staff at the hospital, including nurse Amirah Ismail, who along with colleagues, risked their lives to save seven children who had been in the nursery when the fire broke out on the first floor.
According to a report by an online publication, Ismail, who was clearly traumatized by the events, said that at 1 a.m. on Thursday morning her colleague said she could smell smoke. At first she could not smell anything but when they went to investigate they saw smoke coming out of a room where sanitary items were kept.
Then women security officers came shouting that there was a fire and ordered everyone to leave. When they looked toward the nursery they saw there were flames outside the glass viewing section.
“My colleague and I started crying but I controlled myself and refused to leave the place. I asked the security officers to break down the door of the nursery. I entered and found seven children. I placed four children in a cloth and asked my colleagues to take them outside,” she said.
Then she and fellow workers were able to take the other children out, including those found in the intensive care unit. “All children were brought out and are fine,” said Ismail. Ismail said she cannot sleep now because of the images she has of bodies and old people inside crying out for help.


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