Arab News –  Large parts of the Kingdom are likely to experience heavy rain and a drop in temperature as a cold spell takes effect over the coming week, according to forecasts.
Abdullah Al-Harbi, a forecaster, said the cold spell would start from today and last until Saturday, with unstable weather and heavy downpours in the western, northern, central, southern and eastern regions.
“These conditions will start on Tuesday in the south- western areas, extending to the western heights, southern parts of Makkah and parts of Hail and Qassim,” said Al-Harbi.
He said that on Wednesday there would be rain over the southern, eastern, northern and western areas, including the coastlines, Makkah, Hail, Al-Jouf, the Northern Border and Madinah. “Jeddah is unlikely to be drenched, although the skies would be covered with clouds.”
The weather forecast for Thursday shows moderate to heavy rain in the southwestern coastal areas, Abha and Baha heights, Taif extending to the east, and the southern parts of Qasim and the Eastern Province. On Friday, there is likely to be cold and brisk winds, and rain over Madinah and most parts of the country, he said.
There is also a high chance of heavy rainfall along the western and southern coastal areas, including Aflaj, Alhareeq, Al-Kharj, Alhoutah, and the central region.
Al-Harbi said there is less chance of rain on Saturday over the central, southern and eastern parts of the Kingdom, but a likelihood of downpours over the United Arab Emirates and northern parts of Oman.


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