Arab News – Legal experts have called for the introduction of new punishments for drifters after notorious drifter “King Al-Nazeem” died Friday during a stunt and the man in the passenger sit of the car suffered serious injuries.

The experts suggested such measures as defamation, a ban on travel, cancellation of driver’s license and induction into awareness programs to deter people from indulging in the risky and illegal sport.
Turki Al-Qarni, a former judge at the Special Criminal Court and legal adviser, called for the application of new punishments and suggested that drifters not be included in any amnesty or pardon, or reduction in sentence.
The president of the Saudi Legal Center and president of Takamul for Legal Aid, Majed Qaroub, said the latest law, which turned drifting from a traffic violation into a criminal act, will be a deterrent to this dangerous practice. He said under the new law, punishments are prescribed for drifters, their passengers,and the crowds watching them.
Some laws were amended in the traffic system which turned drifting into a crime. The cars can be impounded and fines slapped on perpetrators after they are referred to the Bureau of Investigation and Public Prosecution and then to the Criminal Court, even if the crime is committed for the first time.
He said punishments include those who offered help, or what is called in the drifters’ dictionary “the enhancer,” because they are all partners in the crime and will be subjected to half the punishment of the drifter. He called for additional punishments such as withdrawing the driver’s license of the drifter and preventing him from travel.


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