Saudi Gazette – Minister of Islamic Affairs, Call and Guidance Sheikh Saleh Bin Abdulaziz Al-Asheikh has said that Iran today has great animosity against Muslims and it does not want Haj to pass safely.

It does not want a Haj without politics and slogans and without exploiting the Haj rites for political and sectarian goals.

Al-Asheikh said the Crown Prince’s statement has silenced every word one of the officials of the Iranian regime uttered with the aim of destabilizing and clouding the Haj this year.

The minister stressed that Haj ought to be for the sake of Allah Almighty alone. The evidence and consensus opinion of the Ulema confirm this. Therefore, a Muslim cannot accept that Haj should be used for upholding slogans or for interests of a certain sect or faction.

Al-Asheikh said the Kingdom is keen to make Haj free from any slogan of pre-Islamic eras. It strives to make sure that all Muslims in Haj are treated equally.


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