AFP – Yemen’s president hit out at Iran during his address to the United Nations on Friday, accusing Tehran of blocking peace moves through its support for Houthi rebels who continue to hold the capital.

“We shall extract Yemen from the claws of Iran. We shall raise the Yemeni flag over every foot of our precious soil,” President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi told the UN General Assembly.
Hadi also urged foreign governments and financial institutions to back his government’s decision to move the central bank from Sanaa to the southern city Aden.
“Iran impedes all measures that we are taking by a multitude of actions and interventions” Hadi said.
The president accused Iran of fueling extremism in the region.
“We tell the whole world in very clear terms that extremism and sectarian terrorism sponsored by Iran in the region has created and will create a terrorism that will be counter to that,” Hadi said. “Terrorism feeds on the other terrorism.”
After the Houthis began diverting funds from Yemen’s foreign reserves, Hadi sacked the central bank governor and announced at the weekend that the bank would relocate to Aden.
“We decided to move the central bank to the interim capital of Aden in order to save what we can save from the reserves,” he said.
“We call for the support of the free world and its monetary institutions in order to stand by us … and save the Yemeni economy,” said the president.
A recent UN panel of experts’ report said the Houthis were diverting about $100 million from the central bank per month, and that the foreign reserves had dwindled from about $4 billion in November 2014 to $1.3 billion.


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