Arab News – It is the Islamic duty of all citizens to protect the security of their nation, according to Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Asheikh.
Al-Asheikh said that scholars and preachers are required by Islamic law to address problems facing society, follow the directives of the Ministry of Islamic Affairs and ignore the messages of other groups and individuals.
During his weekly broadcast on Nida Al-Islam radio, he said that disobeying the decisions of the ministry was tantamount to defying the guardian, because the ministry has jurisdiction over imams and preachers on important religious issues.
He said some of the greatest contributions preachers can make are to guide people onto the straight path and warn them about those trying to undermine the country’s security.
“We can see what has happened to countries that have lost their security, with people displaced, separated from their families and children, and living wild and in misery. So maintaining security is required by Islamic law, and we should respect our security and stability,” he said.
He said that those failing to do so have a fundamental misunderstanding of their role in society. They must preach about the suffering of Muslims and the plots against them, he said.


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