Arab News – A Saudi man quit his government job to open his own investment project in the telecommunications sector.
Naif Abdulrahman Al-Mughraq, who received a specialized computer software diploma in 1432 A.H., had a government job with a SR3,400 salary, and was waiting for promotion to one of the official jobs in the government sector. However, after two-and-a-half years, Al-Mughriq had not obtained that opportunity, and thus started thinking about another job that would meet his aspirations and needs.
Al-Mughraq sought his friends’ advice, and they told him to start an investment project, but he was lacking the financial resources to enable him to start his own business. Later on, one of his friends advised him to go to the National Entrepreneurship Institute and get financial aid from the Saudi Credit and Savings Bank.
Al-Mughraq said: “I did not expect to obtain the financing, but I tried. I found that I was wrong, as all employees of the institute tried to help me to the greatest extent possible, starting a long discussion with me to help me in choosing the right project,” noting that they finally advised him to invest in the telecom sector.
He said, “I joined a five-day course at the institute on project management, where I learned how to deal with customers, how to know the prices of goods, as well as how to know the financial returns of goods, and which goods are more preferable to bring more customers.” He confirmed that the training course was very useful and helped him in preparing a feasibility study for his future project.
Al-Mughraq said that the Saudi Credit and Savings Bank approved his funding request, and thus he inaugurated his own project, despite the objections made by his family, friends, and even work colleagues.
Al-Mughraq said: “Since launching my project, I feel completely satisfied as I have succeeded in achieving my dream,” expressing his thanks to the Ministry of Labor and Social Development and the ministries involved in the nationalization decision of the telecommunications sector, which provides jobs for young Saudis.
There was a ministerial decree recently announced to Saudize the mobile phone sector and its accessory shops, as well as its maintenance outlets. This sector is expected to provide job opportunities to 20,000 Saudis.


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