Arab News – The Ministry of Health has warned against what it called as “food items on social media” as they are not being monitored and inspected to see if they are healthy. These food items may be a threat to the health of those who take them, according to an online newspaper.
Recently, a number of projects of selling food items and sweets have come up. They are using social media particularly Instagram.
These outlets are beyond the reach of the health surveillance and inspection system.
Dr. Abdulaziz bin Said, undersecretary for public health at the Ministry of Health, has called for intensification of the efforts to create awareness among people as well as spread of sweets and fast food shops which is very popular among people of the country.
He said that social media shops for food items are real threat to the health of an individual and the family. To deal with the situation, “we have to create awareness among people and provide them correct information about food and its components and how they have an adverse or positive effect on a human being. This is one of the responsibilities of the Ministry of Health. Therefore, efforts to create awareness should begin from children and from the primary health care centers.”
Saleh Abdul Kareem Al-Nuwaiser, therapeutic dietitian and director of nutrition services at the King Fahd Specialist Hospital, said that the spread of social media shops of sweets and chocolates, particularly on Instagram, might be a deceitful. Professional photography of food items and sweets is major factor of their marketing and attracting buyers, and this is away from the eyes of inspectors and monitors.


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