Arab News – Expatriate workers and their dependants with expired re-entry visas seeking to return to the Kingdom can now renew them in their home countries, according to a directive issued by the Saudi Foreign Ministry.

“A re-entry visa for all workers and their family members (wives and children) in both the government and private sectors can be renewed through Saudi consular departments at Saudi Embassies abroad,” the ministry stated.
Workers can qualify for the renewal of these visas if they did not stay for more than seven months at home, or one year for their dependants. In addition, workers must produce letters from their firms, authenticated by the Foreign Ministry and Council of Saudi Chambers.
Also, they should attach to their applications copies of their residence permits previously called an iqama but now known as a muqeem. The details of their fathers and sponsors must also be included, the ministry stated.
The ministry stated that it can allow for the renewal of a household worker’s re-entry visa under “exceptional circumstances.”
The new measure is expected to help thousands of dependants of expatriates who sometimes go home for study or other purposes and then, through unforeseen circumstances, stay for long periods, resulting in their return visas expiring.


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