Saudi Gazette – The executive courts in the Kingdom have retrieved the rights of plaintiffs worth SR48.66 billion during the last Hijra year (1436), bringing the total amount they have obtained from the defendants to more than SR83.55 billion since their formation.

A total of 317 judges at executive courts across the Kingdom have issued 246,867 executive orders during the past years, Al-Madina daily said citing a Justice Ministry report.

During 1436H alone the executive courts received 150,495 cases. “They have looked into 143,535 cases and took action on 62,790 cases,” the report said.

Dr. Hamad Al-Khodairy, deputy minister for executive affairs, said his agency has signed a number of agreements with government departments and agencies to realize the ministry’s strategy of establishing prompt justice to the public by speeding up judicial procedures.

“This demands integrated efforts by various government departments,” he said.

Meanwhile, Dr. Fahd Bin Abdullah Al-Mubarak, governor of Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency, praised all employees who have contributed to linking SAMA with the Justice Ministry, adding that this electronic link has contributed to extending various judicial services including payment of alimony to the divorced and receiving financial support to their children.

Al-Khodairy said the new link has reduced paper-based communication between the two organizations to two percent, adding that the system helped complete various procedures with high efficiency.

It also facilitated electronic transfer of money to the accounts of executive courts and protection of investment as well as accelerated the Kingdom’s economic growth.

He said the electronic link between the Justice Ministry and Interior Ministry, on the other hand, expedited implementation of decisions such as preventing the defendant or executor from traveling abroad and stopping its various services as well as lifting various restrictions.

“The National Data Center of the Interior Ministry also enabled executive judges to carry out various orders thanks to the link between the two ministries. It also reduced the time for obtaining the rights of plaintiffs from executors,” Al-Khodairy said.

He said efforts are underway to inform the defendant electronically on the court’s executive order and record the case against the individual through the Interior Ministry’s Absher electronic portal. Text messages will also be sent to the defendant’s cell phone.

“The new electronic linkage will enable executive judges to activate or cancel their resolutions,” the deputy minister said. “The replacement of paper work with electronic action will ensure quick implementation of decisions to protect the rights of plaintiffs.”

Al-Khodairy emphasized his ministry’s desire to expand cooperation with other government departments and agencies to ensure speedy justice to all.


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