Arab News – Empty gas cylinders are being sold fraudulently at a number of shops, creating an uproar among consumers in the governorates of Khamis Mushayet and Rafida. Citizens have called for the immediate intervention of the Ministry of Commerce through its branch in the area to stop this.
They complained that this is wrongful and deceptive behavior on the part of sellers, and are demanding an investigation into how these gas cylinders reached the local market. Consumers have demanded that an investigation should be performed logically and in coordination with the gas companies.
The matter was reported by the media on Friday morning. The newspaper reports showed that a number of empty gas cylinders were being repackaged by one of the shops as being full. Citizens Hussien Al-Qahtani, Khaled bin Ali and Nasser Al-Shihrani said that the gas company is to blamed because it is not doing enough to stop this practice.
They said that these acts are strange and tantamount to commercial fraud.
“We demand an investigation into the gas company and the distributors to find out how such a large number of empty cylinders reached the market. Following this, we hope that action can be taken against those behind it in order to deter such behavior in the future,” Al-Shihrani was quoted by a newspaper as saying.


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