Arab News – At a time when there is speculation on the cause behind the fire at the Jazan General Hospital, a deleted tweet has resurfaced to reveal a factor which may have led to 24 deaths and 123 injuries on Thursday.
A website quoting unnamed sources said that along with other hospitals in the region, the Jazan General Hospital failed an assessment by the Saudi Central Board for Accreditation of Healthcare Institutions (CBAHI) which was conducted in September 2013. According to the assessment report, all departments of the hospital were below industry standards and parameters.
In the tweet, CBAHI said it “visited the Jazan hospital three times for assessment since September 2013. It did not pass any of them. It got very low assessment rankings particularly in the safety of the building which was just 16 percent.”
CBAHI deleted this tweet later on, according to the website.
Sources said that the Jazan General Hospital failed all evaluations and assessments. It received very low rankings. All its departments, including nursing, medical cadres, building safety, blood bank and safety of medicines failed the evaluation and assessment done by the CBAHI.


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